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  • Real estate options in the catalog: 599
  • Offers on the lake: 417
  • Offers on the sea coast: 120
  • New options within the last week: 3
  • Total value of the entire real estate: € 733 674 141
  • Average offer price: € 1 289 410
  • Minimum offer price: € 105 000
  • Maximum offer price: € 16 800 000

7 advantages of having a property at the shores of Lake Como


1. Unique nature

  • A very clear mountain lake
    At up to 450 meters deep, the lake is the deepest in Italy. It has an area of 146 square kilometers, making it the third largest lake in the country. The lake is fed from the mountains and underwater sources.
  • Stunning views of the Alps
    The lake is completely surrounded by mountains, the highest being Monte Legnone (2609 m).
  • Abundance of vegetation
    Due to the optimal combination of heat and humidity, the shores of Lake Como are a fertile ground for spruce and fir trees, palm trees, chestnut trees, olive, pomegranate, lemon and orange trees, evergreen laurels and myrtle, fig trees and vineyards, fragrant oleander and rhododendron.

2. Rest and travel all year round

  • Numerous excursions to museums and attractions in the region with a rich history.
  • The very finest Italian cuisine in a variety of world-class restaurants and taverns.
  • All kinds of sports all year round
    More than 10 kinds of water sports, including windsurfing and kite surfing; world-famous Alpine ski resorts; mountaineering, golfing, horseback riding, paragliding, hang gliding and aquaplaning.
  • The famous Italian shopping for the most pretentious and refined taste.

3. Convenient location and easy access by transport

  • Como is located in the heart of Europe.
  • 5 countries are a couple of hours drive away.
  • 1 hour drive from international airports in Milan and Lugano (Switzerland).
  • 2 hours drive to the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Wide choice of car rental agencies. Russian driving licence is acceptable.
  • Multiple routes plied by comfortable buses and trains.

4. Safety, ecology, comfort

  • All the conditions are there for a peaceful rest and vacation.
  • Very clean mountain air and water, natural fresh products from local arable, animal and fishing farms.
  • Highly developed infrastructure for a comfortable stay. Everything you need is available– from shops and laundries to libraries, schools and kindergartens.

5. Profitable real estate investments

  • Steady growth in prices and limited site development
    Real estate located on the shores of the lake can only rise in price. This is because such properties are of high demand among Europeans and Americans. Moreover, the laws of the Province of Como limit people from building around the lake.
  • Low mortgage interest rates
    The mortgage interest rate can be from 3.5% per annum at an initial payment of 50% rate. Thus, buying a real estate in Italy will be at a cost comparable to renting a cottage in Russia (about €1,000 per month, with the price of the apartments at €300,000)
  • Preference to receiving residence permit

6. High prestige

  • The beauty of these places and the unique mild climate have attracted the most sophisticated and demanding public since Roman times. Pliny the Younger and Virgil all had their homes here.
  • Today, many famous celebrities and athletes, business and fashion elites have or have had homes on the shores of Lake Como, such as George Clooney, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Michael Schumacher, Ronaldinho, Madonna, Richard Branson, Donatella Versace and many top Russian businessmen.

7. Opportunity of obtaining a residence permit

Owning a real estate in Italy:

  • Allows you to obtain a multiple-entry annual Schengen visa for all your family members with the right to stay up to 180 days a year,
  • Strongly increases your chance of obtaining a residence permit.

About our agency


Real estate agency Como Life is a dedicated team of passionate professionals with solid experience in real estate business. We apply the most advanced approaches to conducting and developing business.

Como Life is a real estate leader at Lake Como – we have direct contacts with real estate developers and sellers, boast of deep knowledge of territorial features and reliable long-term cooperation with regional partners. At the same time, we are actively expanding our geographic footprint and offering our customers the most attractive properties in the provinces of Italy, which are of high demand among the most exacting buyers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers, small and large, with the highest level of service in the process of selecting, buying and subsequently operating a real estate in Europe.

Our Values


  • We carefully select properties and exhibit only the most liquid ones.
  • For the buyer and seller, we ensure a quiet and safe process of buying and selling real estate. We provide in good time comprehensive information about all the details involved in a real estate transaction.


  • As a buyer, we save your precious time, selecting and offering properties that are precisely tailored to your needs.
  • We provide full support to our customers when operating their real estate – from furnishing and internet connection to buying a car and enrolling the children in a school or daycare.


  • We work with the most exacting public and do it at the highest level, thinking through every detail and trying to anticipate the customer's desires and needs.
  • Buying a property in such a country as Italy – apart from the strictly practical components – is first of all a prestige. Our customers deserve to have their wildest dreams and plans come true easily and beautifully, and for such to deliver pleasure. This is why Como Life is always there for you!

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us


1. We have experts on the ground

We know all about the region where Lake Como is located and can assist you in various issues concerning comfortable arrangement, equipping and preparation of your new residence:

  • Construction
  • Interior design
  • Landscape
  • Hiring a gardener and arranging for cleaning
  • Telecommunications (Internet, TV, telephone)
  • Buying a car
  • Much more and tips from our own experience...

2,3. We offer a wide choice of properties and there are no overpayment or hidden costs

We interact directly with real estate developers and property owners. As a result:

  • We offer wide choice of properties
    Our catalogue constantly features about 100 properties for every taste and budget.
  • There are no overpayments
    By choosing us, will not pay any dime more for the property. Besides, we recommend only those banks that offer the most favourable terms.

4. We verify the buying process meticulously

Sometimes after contacting us for the first time, it takes you only a few weeks to acquire full ownership of the property. We provide full support at every stage of the transaction, such as:

  • Picking you up at the airport and checking you in at the best area of Como.
  • Showing and helping you choose real estate.
  • Preparing a preliminary real estate contract containing payments schedule and carrying out notarial activities.
  • Contacting a bank to obtain a mortgage loan (if required).
  • Obtaining a notarial act on the real estate acquisition transaction.
  • If you want to buy a property only after you have well mastered the place, we can rent a suitable apartment or house temporarily for you.

5. Como as a lifestyle

  • We recommend only the tried and tested
    Our agency is in fact a club of successful people who have their business and, of course, real estate in Como.
  • We promote the “Como idea” among close friends and acquaintances
    The success of this idea, first of all, depends on the word of mouth and hence it is important that you get maximum comfort and pleasure from acquiring a property and staying in Como.
  • We build a community around the “Como idea”
    This is a club of intelligent people with similar interests and taste for a beautiful and colorful life.

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